We Reject Steve Bannon


Friends, if you have been paying attention to who Donald Trump is placing into key-positions, then you are as worried as we are. Donald Trump has chosen to place Steven Bannon who is a “White Nationalist”. His appointment has been cheered by the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacy groups.

We cannot allow this to happen without standing up and continuing to let our voices be heard. Tomorrow is another chance to stand up and tell the St. Louis community that we do not support or endorse fear, hate or oppression.

Join us as we rally and march on 11/17/16 at 1217 N. 20th St, (DeSoto Park) in St. Louis. We will start to gather at 7pm.

Here is a post from the organizing of that event:

Guys below will be a map of our official route, it is about 3.5 miles long. Feel free to join us at the start, or meet up with us along the way. Route will be subject to change in the heat of the event. Updates of our current location will be broadcast on this page.
20th st to Washington Ave
Washington Ave to 4th st
4th st to Market
Market to 14th st
14th st to Clark
Clark to 18th
18th back to Market- back to 20th


We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

In Solidarity!

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