You are the movement!

calling-all-comradesYou might be asking yourself, how can I help to fight against fear, hate and oppression? You might think that you have nothing to add to the movement however that is not true. Everyone has something to add to the cause. Right now, the most important thing is that we keep the movement going in the streets. We must stand in solidarity with our comrades around the country. We truly are the only thing standing against Donal Trump and his reign of terror.

You might not be a person to organize a rally or march however you can be there to stand in solidarity, spreading the word via social media. We need people who are willing to live stream the rallies and marches. This allows the world to see that we are standing against Donald Trump.

This movement is more  than one person. We are all uniting to stand against Donal Trump and the ideology that he is bringing, not only to the White House but also the United States.

Here is a list of things that people can do to assist while with actions:

  • Live Streamers using phone
  • Rally/March Coordinators
  • Traffic Coordinators for marches
  • Cop Watchers while we are at events
  • Sign Makers
  • Live Tweeters for events
  • People to assist with recruitment at events

This is certainly not an exhaustive list however it should show you that we need people with various skill sets. Regardless of what it is, you have something that can assist with the fight against fear, hate and oppression. For more information about getting involved send an email to info@stlsolidarity to learn more.


In Solidarity!


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